Why are you so cheap?

First – because we are specialists.

Most architects are generalists: they designed a restaurant yesterday, an apartment building today, and a hospital tomorrow.

For each type project, they still have to start from scratch and learn the tricks; and the client ends up paying for their schooling (and mistakes!)

RentalBuild architects are superspecialized, and our collective experience makes it very easy for us to design buildings that simply work better.

Second – because we don’t have to start from scratch.

We’ve already designed dozens of floor plans that are optimized for investment properties. Truly optimizing a plan costs hundreds of hours – time that a normal architect cannot spend on a project lest he (or you) ends up with a loss.

But RentalBuild cán spend this time on getting the plans just right – because we can reuse those plans dozens of times around the world.

Third – because we’re set up for it.

We are based in a high tech – low cost country in Europe. We work on-line, so we don’t have to pay for fancy offices in Sydney, London or Paris. We don’t have to pay for business trips and lunches.

All of this means your fees go directly to design hours – not to overheads.

Fourth – because we use high tech.

Unlike most architects, we use the latest BIM software, coupled to real-time visualisation software like Unreal Engine. BIM means that we’re not drawing lines: every object in our plans (walls, doors, windows, furniture) are actually in a database and our software knows their size, weight, cost, insulation factors etc. etc.

That’s how we can be better – and cheaper.

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