Rentalbuild.com makes it easy for investors to build an investment property, rather than buy it.

Our specialized architects have created dozens of designs that offer the biggest bang for one’s buck.

Within days, designs can be adapted to any site – for a low, flat fee. Rentalbuild’s costing engine then quickly provides a realistic estimate of the build cost; and will generate fixed price quotes from a number of selected builders.

With very little effort, investors avoid paying the developer’s margin – increasing their yield for the lifetime of the property!

In fact, Rentalbuild.com makes it easy for any investor to become a developer – even if they prefer to sell instead of rent out.

Rentalbuy designs have been optimized to create high consumer appeal, yet to be easy to build. Modern technology – both for design and construction – creates stunning properties that cost less to build; yet easily attract – and maintain – tenants.

They’re also designed to be cheap to maintain, heat and cool. While commercial developers focus on selling – and may hide cheap qualities under a shiny surface – Rentalbuild puts quality in the right places to optimize the lifetime returns, and valuation of the property.

Builders also like to partner with Rentalbuild.com: they get serious clients – who will require little handholding – and buildings that are easy to build.

Mortgage lenders also like the reduced risk profile of properties built through Rentalbuild.com and offer favorable terms.

About us

RentalBuild started as a spin-off of luxury architects modern-villas.com – the web’s most popular luxury villa architects.