1 Choose a design

Choose one or more designs you like from our collection of designs. You can mix and match, combine features from multiple designs, choose material and color schemes you like best.

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build to rent apartment building architecture

2 Choose a layout

Choose one or more layouts you like from our database of floor plans. You can mix multiple layouts, e.g. 1 Bedroom and 2bedroom units, for your building. You can request changes as well.

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3 Get plans & estimate

We’ll adapt and combine the layouts to create the building in the design you like, adapted for your site. You’ll get floor plans, elevations, and photorealistic renderings. You’ll also get an estimate of the build cost for your local area.

4. Get build quotes

Once you approve the plans, we make the detailed building plans plus bill of quantities and get you quotes from multiple builders specialized in Build-to-Rent construction.

5. Need Financing?

Having your project done by RentalBuild gives instant credibility with banks and investors. We can provide you with specialists that help you secure B2R financing at the best conditions.

6. Get Interior Fitouts

RentalBuild provides stunning interior designs that help you attract – and keep – tenants. Use our worldwide buying power to get quality fixtures and fittings. Use our smart building techniques like the BuildBoxx: pre-built luxury kitchens and bathrooms that provide quality, value, and longevity.

build to rent apartment building architecture
The BuildBoxx – luxury pre-built kitchens and bathrooms