Building Systems FAQ

What building systems do you use?

As we build around the world – from Russia to Australia, from the US to Africa – we have firsthand experience with all building systems, and we know all their pro’s and con’s.

Reinforced Concrete Structure? CMU? Wood framing, steel framing, light steel framing? Been there, done that.

But we’re also at the forefront of new construction technology. Many builders are slow to adapt, but we know how to make buildings more efficient to build ├índ to maintain.

So we’ll probably also tell you about Insulated Concrete Forms, Cross Laminated Timber, SIP’s/MgO Panels…

Because that insulated floor slab, that keeps houses warm in Canada and Scandinavia, may also be a great solution for Moscow or Queenstown.

The SIP’s panels from Australia may be the perfect solution to build in the Caribbean.

With RentalBuild, you’ll reap the benefits of our worldwide knowledge base.

Building Systems FAQ

Can you build anywhere?

Yes, our architects are familiar with climates, construction systems, and building codes around the world.

In fact, we often beat local providers because that great insulated floor slab we’ve seen in Canada is the perfect solution for cold Russia; or because the screw piles we’ve used in Australia are also the perfect foundation for that resort on St. Lucia!