Build to Rent co-living co-working FAQ

Do you design B2R communities?

Yes – for larger build-to-rent projects, creating a community is a must.

You want the tenants to stay longer, so it’s important that tenants feel part of a community. Depending on the tenant mix, certain amenities may be important – or not.

A co-working space? Pools, gyms, or even a Spa? Co-living? A shared (or commercial) laundry? Garbage logistics?

We know which amenities add value – and make sure their long term cost is sustainable. It’s no use to build expensive, trendy add-ons that may be “hot” right now but end up being unused or closed down because they are too costly.

With the right mix, tenants get the feeling that they are renting more than just their unit.

So yes, we’re happy to help you design just the right mix of facilities to create a successful build-to-rent community!