Are developer qualities better?

Developers are focused on selling and cost reduction, so there’s always a temptation to focus on the superficial presentation but to skimp on the invisible qualities.

But investment properties need strong “bones”.

While good design attracts tenants, good quality keeps them. And lower tenant turnover means higher occupations and less costs.

Good sound and thermal insulation, sufficient heating/cooling capacity keeps tenants comfortable and energy bills low. (So they can spend a little more on the rent.

Strong “bones” also means: less maintenance costs for you over the long run, and more appreciation for your property.

Designs Floor Plans

RentalBuild in Africa

Typical floor plan of the Lagunes d'Abidjan project
Lagunes d’Abidjan, Ivory Coast

RentalBuild has designed a complex of 8 luxury apartment buildings on a 2 hectare laguna-front plot in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

The project targets local HNWI as well as international expats.

Most buildings contain 16 apartments starting at 190m2 internal space and 3 bedrooms.

All car traffic and parking is underground, so residents and their kids can safely enjoy the resort-style gardens with 5 different pools.

Luxury Apartment Buildings in Abidjan

The apartments feature an efficient square layout; and with only 2 apartments per floor, each apartment has 3 open sides with lots of windows to enjoy natural light, ventilation and views.